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FL Ice Lady Crystal





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Data sheet

Diameter (cm)2
Length (cm)25,4
Product groupvagina
Special featureRezistent la apa

More info

Sex toy for men. Color: Ice. Orifice: Vagina. Canal Diameter: Varies. Canal Texture: Crystal. Length: 10 inches. Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches. The Fleshlight Ice masturbation device offers a cool new perspective on penetration. It's the only Fleshlight that is transparent, heightening visual stimulation by allowing you to watch the action inside. The Fleshlight Ice consists of a clear and unique transparent stocker sleeve. Made from the same patented SuperSkin material as our other models, the Ice sleeves represent time-tested quality in a stunning new light. The rounded design of the case magnifies the action inside, allowing you to watch every stimulating detail of your Fleshlight experience.

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