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Debra Net Ltd. plays a major role in the European market as a wholesale of erotic products. We have been market leaders in Central and Eastern Europe since 2002.

We represent most of the industry's main brands exclusively in the region. Our success is due to our wide selection, customer-oriented business policy and competitive prices.

Between 2015-2018 we made significant improvements in all areas. As a result, a new IT system and a new logistic center support our work. For us environment-protection is important, that’s why 90% of our electricity necessities are provided by solar panels.

In Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, we can deliver not only reseller orders within 24-48 hours, but also to consumers within the framework of dropship service. Our partners in other European countries can receive their orders within 2-5 days on average.

Our performance has been recognized not just by FORBES but international credit rating agencies. We received the Bisnodes „AAA Gold” rating, which qualification is held by only 0.63% of the Hungarian companies.

In 2018 and 2019 we won the Best Business Strategy award of the Erofame World Expo. Our company put a great emphasis on continuous improvements in all fields, because we believe that’s the only way to provide international quality based services.

Debra Net Team