About Us


We opened up our business as a brick and mortar shop, after that our main focus become wholesale. By 2002 we managed to be the market leader in Central Europe. We are proud to be the sole distributor of most significant brands in the erotic industry.

Our customers mainly come from the Central European region, but more and more clients join us from Western Europe and other regions as well. Currently we cover 30 countries. Our success is based on unique product assortment, customer focused business policy and competitive pricing.

Beside regular B2B sales we developed our dropship service which makes it possible to help partners with serving end customers in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Debra Net success is recognized not just by FORBES magazine but international credit rating companies as well. That is why we got the best possible „AAA” rate by BISNODE, which is extremely rare amongst Hungarian companies (only 0.63 % has the same qualification).

Debra Net Team